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LOS ANGELES, CA (6/3/ 2011) Gage and Gage Productions cordially invites you to view the heartfelt documentary FROM THE GROUND UP, the emotional journey of five 9/11 FDNY widows who honor their hero husbands by turning tragedy into triumph.

Acknowledging the courage and accomplishments of those who survived, FROM THE GROUND UP shares the journeys that resulted in a regained faith in humanity. Healing, acceptance and the meaning of life are found as these women make sense out of madness and mourning while the world watched - taking two steps forward for one step back, through tears, depression and laughter.

In FROM THE GROUND UP, you follow a path to find strength, learn lessons and see how these women coped and now give back, raising funds for libraries, children's foundations, homes for autistic children, playgrounds, edible gardens, and even giving guided tours of Ground Zero.

Telling the stories of these remarkable women was widow Andrea Garbarini’s dream.  Made with personal funding and contributions from friends, family and supporters, the film honors Andrea’s late firefighter husband Lt. Charley Garbarini, who, on 9/11 was with New York's Engine 23, evacuating civilians from the Marriott Hotel when the South Tower collapsed crushing the Marriott. A non-profit film, 100% of profits from the film will be donated to the non-profit charities affiliated with these 9/11 families.

Filmed across New York, FROM THE GROUND UP is a personal and emotional account of how the events of 9/11 permeate the lives of these families.  First-hand, we hear from the widows how this tragedy has strengthened them and forced them to dig deeper to give meaning to their lives, and spread hope and empowerment to their families and their communities.

Produced and directed by George and Beth Gage of Gage and Gage Productions, (http://gageandgageproductions.com/), FROM THE GROUND UP screened May 27, 2011 at the Telluride MountainFilm Festival, a film festival celebrating indomitable spirit. Emotion filled standing ovations took place after each screening of FROM THE GROUND UP.

TRAILER LINK: http://www.911filmproject.com/

INTERVIEW: http://www.tellurideinside.com/2011/05/2011-mountainfilm-in-telluride-the-making-of-from-the-ground-up.html

September 11th, 2001 was a picture perfect day with a blue sunshine filled sky for these families - then the unthinkable happened and their lives were transformed in a second as husbands, fathers and heroes were lost. The past 10 years have been gut-wrenchingly painful but it is profoundly inspiring to see how many families emerge from grief to make a difference in the world through large and small acts of kindness.

Andrea Garbarini - lost her husband, Lt. Charley Garbarini, on September 11. Her dream is to tell these stories of bravery, resilience and the legacy of the FDNY widows of 9/11 and to honor their heroes. This not for profit film, documents the indomitable spirit of these firemen's widows accomplishing extraordinary feats. Andrea is proud and honored to be one of the producers of this documentary film showing how hope can triumph over unspeakable pain.

Maureen Fanning - in August 2001, Captain Jack and Maureen Fanning thought about what they'd do if they won the NY Lottery jackpot. Jack dreamed of buying a group home for autistic children because their only two sons were autistic. Three weeks later, the Towers fell and Jack was gone. When people heard of the Fanning's tragic circumstances, they began sending money. With that money Maureen created the Jack Fanning Memorial Foundation and funded, not one, but two, Group Homes. The foundation continues to support these homes and makes grants for research and education for autistic children.

Una McHugh – and her husband believed education was the key to a child's successful future. While Una taught, Dennis, her fireman husband, spent afternoons off taking his young daughter to the library for Story Hour. After Dennis perished on September 11, Una wanted her children to remember the way their father lived, not the way he died. With family and friends, Una created a foundation whose first project was to complete the Dennis P. McHugh Library in Piermont, NY.

Kate Richardson – Kate’s husband, Firefighter Bob McPadden, was working with Lt. Charley Garbarini at Engine 23 on September 11th. Bob and Kate were married for 3 years and were set to close on a house on Wednesday September 12th. Kate volunteers at the Tribute Center as a way to remember Bob and honor all those that were lost that day. Kate has since remarried and has two young sons. She is Assistant Professor of Management at Pace University.

Sarah Siller - Firefighter and father of five, Stephen Siller was on his way home after the night shift. When he heard that all hell had broken loose at the World Trade Center, he turned his truck around to join his company. The Battery Tunnel had been closed for security, so Stephen strapped 70 pounds of gear on his back and ran back through the Tunnel to the Towers where he died saving lives. In Stephen's honor, the Siller family organizes the Tunnel to Towers Race following his footsteps through the tunnel from Brooklyn to Manhattan. More than seven million dollars has been raised by the Stephen Siller Children's Foundation.

Beth & George Gage have created award-winning documentaries since 1993. In a complete “about-face” they turned from careers producing and directing TV commercials and fictional features to producing documentaries with a conscience. The New York Times described Gage & Gage Productions’, www.gageandgageproductions.com, award winning, theatrically distributed documentary, Fire On The Mountain, The Story of the Men of the 10th Mountain Division, as “bracing exploits, hearty outdoorsmen powerfully captured on film”. Snow Country Magazine said it was "among the best documentaries about skiing ever filmed”.


Running Time: 30 minutes
Language: English
Press Materials:

Written by: Beth Gage
Executive Producer:
Andrea Garbarini,
Co-Producers / Co-Directors: George and Beth Gage
Editor: William Lehman

For further information on booking press interviews with the 911 widows contact: Andrea Garbarini This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Beth Gage This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DONATIONS: If you would like to contribute to help, get a tax-deductible contribution by visiting: http://www.911filmproject.com

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